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What is an EPC?

In Northern Ireland, you are legally required to have an EPC if you are in the process of selling or renting your property.
An EPC is perhaps best described as similar to environmental MOT for your building.

For a dwelling, your property will be given a score from 1 (poor) - 100 (excellent) and an according rating: A through to G. The assessment is not pass or fail and serves only as indication of energy efficiency.
The rating for a commercial property is similar, although the scale is larger and the calculation method the assessor uses is different.

There is unlikely to be a link between your Energy Efficiency Rating and the value of your property.  However, the practical benefits of carrying out the recommendations in a building you have bought, should result in savings to your utility bills.

The EPC is good for the property market and good for the environment.

The owner or landlord is the person responsible for providing the EPC to the buyer or tenant. 
The legislation requires that an EPC is produced at the earliest opportunity, this COULD WELL BE on the first day your property is marketed.

If you cannot produce an EPC on request, YOU (THE SELLER OR LANDLORD) ARE COMMITING AN OFFENCE.  A fine may be issued for non-production of the certificate and a solicitor will allow a purchaser to proceed with the purchase of a property, until an EPC is produced.

There is no requirement to print and retain the EPC in hard copy. Your appointed assessor should provide you with details of the Register and your Report Reference Number (RRN) in order that you can retrieve your report.
The report is stored on the Register for 10 years (at present).

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