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New Builds

EPC Belfast are happy provide SAP ratings/On construction EPCs for all new build dwellings.

If you require an On Construction EPC for an existing dwelling or a development project you are about to commence, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Please also note, the RdSAP methodology has certain limitations and owners of buildings with complex building services or an unusual design may wish to discuss the provision of a full SAP assessment as opposed to the RdSAP EPC in order to ensure a more reflective rating.



Energy Performance Certificates now required for new buildings

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are compulsory for all new buildings in Northern Ireland from today. 

EPCs have been compulsory for marketed houses since 30 June 2008.  The purpose of these certificates is to depict an energy rating for the building – similar to the colour coded ratings on electrical appliances – and to recommend how to improve that rating.

Seeing the building’s energy efficiency depicted clearly should encourage people to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings in which they live and work. Commenting on the extension of EPCs to new-build, Head of DFP Properties Division, Dr Philip Irwin said:
“Current building regulations set very high standards for energy efficiency, which will be reflected in the EPCs produced for buildings constructed against these standards. The EPC will also serve to highlight buildings sold as new but constructed to older building regulations, thereby allowing the buyer to make an informed choice when purchasing a property.”

Energy Performance Certificates will be required for all property sales and rentals by the end of this year. The introduction of these requirements fulfils an obligation placed on all Member States by an EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings.
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